Thing 19: Altmetrics

I had a look at this.  I am amazed at how much in the form of statistics and analysis you can do with the help of computers these days!  What a great device to be able to see where and how often something has been published!

The only shortcoming I found was it took a while to get the tool to work.

Thing 23: Reflection

A very big THANK YOU for putting the 23 Things course together!  It has been very enjoyable to learn new things that I didn’t know before!

Looking back at my objectives which were to discover and develop my technical as well as social skills, I feel that these have well and truly been met.  I enjoyed the Google Hangouts.  This is something I could see myself using.  LinkedIn and OneNote have been a very helpful part of the course.  The other things were interesting, but I’m not sure how much my current job fits with these things.  However, I have learned a lot from this course and have really enjoyed it!

Like with anything in life, I will now need to keep using these things and practice!!

Thing 21: Online Games and Learning

I’ve been in to the National Museum of Scotland’s games and the Nobel Prize games.

The NMS was interesting I played the what primate are you and it said I was a Granny Betty, an outgoing orangutan.  This was an interesting game with the series of questions, but didn’t really grab me fully.  It’s one of those games you not too bother about doing again.

The Nobel Prize game – Blood Typing was fun!  It has you finding out what blood type someone was and then having to administer a transfusion.  It made funny noises if you got this wrong as it could be life threatening to someone if they receive the wrong blood!  It really grabbed my attention and had me hooked and you’re learning along the way!!

Thing 18: Augmented and Virtual Reality

I’m sure when photography was invented and created back in the 1800’s people thought what is this?  What is it doing to our world?  This is what I’m thinking about augmented and virtual reality?  How far does it go?  I’ve never been involved with the Sims game online and creating your own virtual world.  So I suppose I’m in the group that is a little cautious when it comes to new development and technology like this.

All that said, I have the Dulux Visualiser app and really like it.  It is very basic, but I’m sure over time it will be even more amazing what you can do with this kind of app.  It might even paint the wall for you!?!  Wishful thinking!

Thing 12 -Open Educational Resources (OERs)

Having read through the literature on OER’s, I have a greater understanding of what this means and the purpose of it.

Working in Finance, I agree with Melissa Highton’s blog about the technical debt for OER.  There is a lot of technical capital, in whatever shape or form, that needs to be considered in today’s world. The technical debt related to this has the potential to be quite high if decisions made are not researched thoroughly.

I cannot imagine that it is easy to stay ahead of the curve with regards to the latest technology and being the preferred place that everyone would refer to first when it comes to technology.  That said, it is an exciting place to be in if you have that kind of leverage built into your business plan.

Thing 9 – Google Hangouts / Collaborate Ultra

Took part in the Collaborate and Google Hangouts forum.  I wish I had known about Google Hangouts several months ago.  It would have come in really handy to use this rather than Skype!  The connection to both were very good.  I liked the casual atmosphere Google offers.  It was great to have Andrei share how they use it at his University.

Collaborate is also a very good tool to use, but I could see using it in a more structured formal presentation environment.

I enjoyed both presentations and have learned quite a bit about how to use these!  I also enjoyed the interaction with the others who joined in!